The Mars and Moon Photo Analysis Project aims to investigate Nasa pictures for selected objects on surface photographs made on the Moon and on Mars. The objects that are searched for are:

  • Right angle shapes (triangles, rectangles)
  • Complex objects (tubes, cones, pyramids)
  • Patterned objects (row of objects, circle of objects)

The project uses pictures from Nasa and uses either Gimp open source image editing software or Paintbrush to review their contents. The content is then edited to a collage of the original and the zoomed selection for ease of view.

Analysis process of the project:

  1. Select picture from Nasa images
  2. Check for duplicate
  3. Review image on original resolution
  4. Mark areas of interest
  5. Investigate areas of Interest in higher zoom levels and select objects
  6. Create collage by linking zoomed objects to image
  7. Finalize image with link to original
  8. Post Collage

Future plans include the classification of objects found, along with the maintenance of a picture database and pattern analysis. Long term goal of the project is to map these objects on broader maps of the respective planets, extending to the investigation to other stellar objects.