North Polar layered deposits.

pia22535- publish

Square shape at the right top.

Light spots at bottom right.

Circlular object at the middle- left

Blade- like structure at the middle.


Aram Chaos

Acquired on April 1, 2018, this image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows Aram Chaos, a 280 kilometer-diameter ancient impact crater that lies within in the Southern Highlands of Mars. Uplifted blocks of light-toned layers, composed largely of the iron-oxide hematite and water-altered silicates, indicate that this crater once held a lake.


Snail shaped object at low right corner. Complex object with square shaped objects in top middle. Light dot object at left middle with square shape below.pia22585_publish

Saheki Crater


“Alluvial Fans in Saheki Crater, Mars

Alluvial fans are gently-sloping wedges of sediments deposited by flowing water. Some of the best-preserved alluvial fans on Mars are in Saheki Crater, an area that has been imaged many times previously.”


Mid- to low-latitude regions on Mars



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“This observation from NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows enigmatic, shallowly incised valleys, found in some mid- to low-latitude regions on Mars.”